Cycling on the North Dorset Trailway

Cycling is a great activity for all the family. However old you are or however fit you are, you can enjoy a cycle ride along the Trailway and beyond. The Trailway provides a link to many rural roads, which allow you to cycle for miles, mostly traffic free, whilst you enjoy the Dorset countryside. The Trailway avoids the very busy A350 and A357 roads and provides a flatter alternative. Getting to work by bike has also never been easier with the Trailway. Many people use the Trailway as a commuting route and, coupled with the government ‘cycle to work’ scheme, this number is increasing.

Points to note when planning a Ride: (see the map at the bottom of this page)

  • There are links between traffic-free sections in Blandford using roads, and a short stretch on the pavement of the A350 south of Blandford Tesco, where inexperienced riders may need to dismount. Parents should take particular care of their children on these sections.
  • Please take care that there will be other users including dogs, horse riders, children, mobility scooter users – watch your speed especially on blind corners.
  • The surface is generally ok for road bicycles but care should be taken if your bicycle is not built for off-road use. Take a puncture repair kit and pump as you may run over thorns etc.
  • In places the cuttings have been landfilled and there are ramps to join / leave the track bed – care should be taken on gradients.

WANT TO CYCLE? See the Bikeability website for an instructor near you.

Downloadable Cycle Rides using the Trailway:

View a larger version of the map by clicking here.

Local Cycling Groups

Details of local cycling groups, such as Dorset Cyclists Network, can be found on the cyclinguk,org website.

The Trailway is not to be used for any competitive racing without permission from Dorset Council