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Durweston Church from Trailway

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Places to visit
Bridge construction for North Dorset Trailway

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Trailway at Shillingstone

About the charity

The North Dorset Trailway Network is a charity that campaigns to extend and improve the Trailway as a sustainable transport route and recreation space for local people and tourism. The Charity works closely with Dorset Council (whose Rangers maintain the Trailway) and like-minded organisations.

About North Dorset Trailway

The North Dorset Trailway now extends approximately 14 miles from Sturminster Newton to Spetisbury, with a section in Stalbridge we aim to link with, providing a safe route for walkers, runners, cyclists, equestrians and people with mobility scooters. The Trailway is largely made up of sections of the old Somerset and Dorset Railway which linked Bristol and Bournemouth until the 1960s.

About Us
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Reduce your carbon footprint

Cycling or walking instead of using even an efficient hatchback will save 1.2kg of CO2 over a 10km journey. Thanks to the Trailway many local journeys to school and work are now CO2-free, reduce traffic congestion and encourage a fitter way of life.