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Trailway Picnic News 25th June 2017

The Trailway Picnic is on Sunday Afternoon on 25th June on Shillingstone Recreation Ground. This the first time we have attempted anything like it so we hope it is a success. We hope that besides being a get-together it is also entertaining. There will be traditional races such as three legged races, egg and spoon races, hopping races, fathers' races, mothers' races, obstacle races and bicycle slaloms and obstacles courses. I hope to have at least two if not three different sorts of musicians to entertain us. There will be a cake stall as well as a tea and drinks bar. If you can make a cake bring it along if we don't eat it there and then I am sure it can be sold to raise funds. There will be a fund raising bucket to boost our fighting fund to extend the Trailway further and better. We all hope for a lovely sunny day with Dorset at its best Looking forward to seeing you there.